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First, the amazing news: Uncle Mike has had his ups and downs, but seems he’s doing swimmingly. I went up there last weekend, brother and cousins met up and basically hung around the Olympia hospital room. What I came away with was this: I am proud to be part of a family that shows up.

It’s been a grueling week what with Corporate America crushing my poor rose-petaled soul like an old soggy Armenian cigarette. I see how it is now, and it’s quite disillusioning. I am tired of being the responsible one. The one who takes the high road. Who refuses that last glass of wine and goes to bed early to better perform the next day.

However, tomorrow this 40licious heads on a plane to Israel to stand by my older brother, Ilya, as he gets married and introduces his newborn son, Adam, to all of us. Again, I guess it’s just about showing up.

Then I get to traipse around England with the Sexy Brit. Roll up for the Mystery Tour!

Vanessa McGradyAcross the Universe

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