Announcing the 40licious Hall o’ Fame!

Because I am officially now 40licious, and hence I can do whatever I want, I hereby announce the creation of the 40licious Hall o’ Fame!

My first inductee is one Ms. Kathlyn Albright, my good friend and collaborator from the Seattle days, who just up and decided that she’s going to run the L.A. Marathon for her 40th birthday. Just like that! (And I thought I was a bad-ass going to Vegas to see Barry Manilow!) In all the time I’ve known her, she has never been, truth be told, much of an athlete, unless you count going up and down the bazillion Escherian steps to her apartment. I didn’t even know the woman owned a pair of sneakers. But there she was, texting me from the racecourse (I know. So L.A.). She finished in a little over eight hours and raised more than $2,000 for cancer.

Kathlyn prepares for the big race

I hope all of us can learn a little something from Kathlyn: That you can indeed drink yourself silly two nights before a marathon, flirt with a sexy bartender and still finish with dignity and grace.

That, my friends, is the definition of 40licious.

Vanessa McGradyAnnouncing the 40licious Hall o’ Fame!

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  1. CatCampion

    Congrats on your new decade (5th!) and your new blog from a fellow LBWer. I love the “40 things I’ve learned” list. Gave me some ideas for my “36 things I’ve learned” list. Can’t wait to be 40!

  2. Kathlyn

    Lord girl – we’ve been friends all this time and you don’t have a better picture of me than THAT? 😉 Thanks for making me the first and honorary! K

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