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Graffiti, San Francisco style. “Love is what you’ll get from me”

Love travels in many ways. Particles, as when we make each little decision, sound and action based on love. Waves, which are the compiled aforementioned particles. We can ride these waves, we can let them wash over us. And then there’s laser beam love, which you can aim hard and true at someone.

I get that we have control over how we emit love. But we don’t have control over how someone else sends it, or how we receive it. It might land with a thud. It might end up mangled, twisted around the gritty axle of an 18-wheeler. It might land on our plate of mashed potatoes instead of on our ready, doily-wrapped, glitter-sprinkled heart. It so rarely looks like we want it to. But it’s still love after all, right?

The Buddhists equate desire and attachment with suffering. If I’m attached to how love should look or land, I will surely suffer. Instead, I’m trying to be delighted by whatever lands in my mashed potatoes.

Vanessa McGradyPhysics, 40liciously

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