The Art of Self Pleasure

It frigging rocks being 40licious. For the obvious reasons, of course, but also because you learn how to make your own self happy.

I worked about half of the last 48 hours. I won this really nice environmental award from the company, and didn’t really get to celebrate it with anyone. I was feeling slightly catatonic, very grumpy and somewhat forlorn when I got home and it took 90 minutes to decide what to do: laundry, rent a movie, or one other thing that I can’t remember.

So I rallied. I did three of my favorite things. I poured a glass of wine, popped a pot of popcorn (topped with Brewer’s yeast and Silverwater Secret Spice) and watched online versions of The Office.

I am so fucking happy.

Vanessa McGradyThe Art of Self Pleasure

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  1. I Speak Film

    That’s awesome. 3 cheers for the art of self pleasure! My routine when I need a dose of happy is almost the same, but I add my thunderstorm CD, which reminds me that it actually rains in other parts of the country, and a dose of dark chocolate to offset the salty popcorn. 40licious f’ing rocks.

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