The Long and Winding Road

You’d think they’d WANT you to leave Israel. But they make it really, really difficult. Hell-Al Airlines takes waaaaaay to long to check you out of the country. Yes, yes, I know they’re looking for bombs. But come on, can’t we do a little reverse racial profiling here for the shicksa redhead with the blowdryer, flat iron, iPod, charger, international adapter set, camera, phone, and assorted plugs and wires?

Arrived in London last night, and on my way to have my morning tea. Then out to the country to meet my friend, who will show me how Real English People go about their day. Everyone’s quite polite so far, and the transportation has been excellent.

I’m still in foreign-language mode, however, and keep expecting people to not understand me when I speak to them. Shalom! I mean, ”hi!”

Vanessa McGradyThe Long and Winding Road

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  1. Anonymous

    Darn, Vanessa. We were both in Israel at the same time. Wish I had known. I was just looking up your blog to get contact information for Illya from you and found out how we had missed each other.

    My husband Moshe and I arrived here April 3 after a night in London and will be here until June 18th. We have an apartment in the German Colony in Jerusalem.

    I am signing up for 5 days-a-week in a Hebrew Ulpan to begin to learn how to speak Hebrew.

    So sorry we missed each other. Can you give me Illya’s contact information?

    Your cuz,


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