40 no-so-licious

I realize this will come as a shock to the 40licious fan, but there are some things that are NOT so great about turning 40licious.

For example:

  • You think you’re a winner and you blow your $19 in scratch off tickets, reinvest in more tickets, then all you get is one more free ticket. You’d think I’d know that this is why the house stays on top. But apparently, I do not. I hope that my donation provides some free lunch for poor kids or whatever.
  • Thursdays used to be called “thirsty Thursdays” and we’d all go out and get hammered because the bars were less crowded and because it was kind of a bonus party night with few classes on Friday. These days, I am really, really lucky if I can muster the gumption to get to Trader Joe’s, buy wine, get out of the bath and make it to the couch in time for “The Office” and “30 Rock.”
  • You realize that the man you once prayed to God for, in front of a candle purchased at a Wicca store, tears streaming down your face, who lives an ocean and an impossibility away, is more consumed by getting rid of the rabbits that plague his garden than having a love affair. And that he loves you, but not in the “we will get married for love and a Green Card and have adorable children with sweet Mid-Atlantic accents” way. And you’re OK with that, because his own karma is his own karma. Hey, maybe that’s a good thing. Scratch that from this list and add it to the “good things about being 40licious” list.
  • Sometimes a big-ass black hair grows out from somewhere on my face. Whut up with THAT???

I think I’ll go walk the dog. At least she’s not complicated.

Vanessa McGrady40 no-so-licious

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