40licious: Special Mother’s Day Edition

My mother has come to visit for the weekend. She has brought her dog, Miss Chi, and we are all happily ensconced in our little home here.

The good thing about having your mom come visit is that there is always an expanded opportunity for learning! For example! In the last 12 hours, I have learned:

1. That the shell necklace I sometimes wear around my neck might slough cells into my skin! And that I shouldn’t wear it!
2. That I might get hit by a car if I don’t look while I’m crossing the street!
3. That I should wear my work glasses for work, and my other glasses when I’m not at work!
4. That dogs are aliens that have come to Earth to help mankind!

More momisms to come!

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Vanessa McGrady40licious: Special Mother’s Day Edition

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