An Open Letter to Paul Schaffer

A few months ago, a lovely guy named Scott at work felt sorry for me when he learned that I had NO TV. So he cleared out his rec room/poker space and donated his television to the Irish-American Pop Culture Scholarship Fund, which happens to be housed here on Louise Street.

So tonight I was watching said electronic appliance, and saw Paul on Letterman, and thought, “please, oh, give it up. Now.”

However, I redact.

Because Paul has made a career out of being his own bad Canadian musical funky self, and there’s not a whole lot of people who can claim such a long run as sidekick.

I hereby proclaim May 16 as International 40licious Paul Schaffer Day.

Don’t try to stop me. It’s nearly midnight.

Vanessa McGradyAn Open Letter to Paul Schaffer

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