Hey Ladies! Don’t Do This!

Here’s another very important lesson from the 40licious Hall of Greater Learning and Regrets:

Do not attempt to use a new bikini-line hair removal cream WITHOUT your contacts in and AFTER two glasses of wine.

Pilots will have a very difficult time navigating the landing strip.

Vanessa McGradyHey Ladies! Don’t Do This!

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  1. Joan Price

    OK, here’s the question I’ve always wanted to ask someone who would answer me honestly — if you’re not the one, maybe one of your readers:

    I understand bikini-line hair removal if you’re talking about the hair that shows when you’re wearing a bikini. (Duh.) But I DON’T understand why women are waxing the whole pubic area (or creating cute designs). Isn’t it painful, more than eyebrow tweezing or high heels? Is it for a lover’s delight? Is it to — oh dear — look prepubescent as a thrill? I don’t get it.

    Call it a generation gap (I’m 64), but I’d really love to understand why women are putting themselves through this.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll post this on my own blog, too, and see what I learn.

    Joan Price

    author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (http://www.joanprice.com/BetterThanExpected.htm)

    Join us — we’re talking about ageless sexuality at http://www.betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.com

  2. 40licious

    Joan, I’m glad you asked. Waxing, for me, is a form of masochism. I occasionally use a cream if I’m going to be seen in a bathing suit and don’t want the, uh, weeds showing. I’ve come to the point that if a man is not interested in my foliage as is, he probably should not be traipsing around in my garden.

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