Mother’s Day Edition Part II: Instant Karma Got Me

So here I am being all snarky and crazy because of the all the nutty things my mother is saying. I want to write them down and use them as blogging gold. I will add to my previous post:

1. Whenever you try shoes on you have to make sure you don’t tip over!
2. Watch your bag! Watch your bag! Watch your bag! (screamed from across DSW)
3. To Chinese foot massage guy: My daughter is single! And she’s a millionaire!

However, she does come through with gems that are so profound and true. And things I can’t possibly understand until many, many years later. And I am humbled beyond all confession. Like these, for example:

1. Whatever you want to be doing 10 years from now, you have to start today.
2. Don’t let anyone put you on a pedestal. Because they can knock you right off, and then where will you be?
3. What you see is what you get, kid.

I’m really glad she’s here.

Vanessa McGradyMother’s Day Edition Part II: Instant Karma Got Me

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