Sex and Gambling Made Easy

When we last left off, dear blreaders (okay, maybe there’s not a good snappy name for “blog readers”), I had great optimism for my feng shui yoga idea, and had won some money and felt all in love and whatnot after practicing in the Prosperity corner and Relationships corner of the studio.

Today, I bought a raffle ticket at a fund-raiser in which we got to see Ricki Lake’s hoo-hoo, and won a KCRW membership, swag tee, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings CD, and two baby snugli things.

Also, I came home to a letter from my very, very good friend, George Bush, telling me that he’s giving me $570! Tax free! That I’m supposed to go out and spend!

Try feng shui yoga today! It’s easy! What have you got to lose?

Vanessa McGradySex and Gambling Made Easy

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  1. I Speak Film

    Thanks for the swingin’ tunes. Chloe and I are rockin’ out over our Raisin Bran. You’re my Feng Shui hero and my icon of all things cool.

    Have a swell day, friend.

  2. Daniel

    A. Sharon Jones ROCKS!

    B. If you follow Georges advice and spend that money instead of paying down debt, I will be very disappointed. Unless of course you are debt free in which case:
    a)You are probably not an American and most likely an alien (of the space variety).
    b)Spend away.

    Yer Old Pal,


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