We do a lot of things wrong in this country. We imprison people without a fair trial. We promote senseless consumerism and encourage hard-working folks to sink deeper into debt. We have a million different kinds of ways to veil all our -isms. But one of the things that makes me proudest as an American is our First Amendment. It is my favorite. I have defended it on TV, radio and in print. I held a job at a controversial publishing house not because I thought that more people should learn how to make methamphetamines, but because I will defend to my death anyone’s right to read about whatever they want. My father was president of the ASJA in the ’70s, and as little kids we’d wear red pins that said “I read banned books” on them. Like “Tom Sawyer.”

I am hard-wired on the Freedom of Speech, and Freedoms of the Press. I will not budge on that. I won’t curtail my own writing just because someone does not agree with me, or is offended by my subject matter.

It has come to my attention that people are upset about the things I’ve written in this blog. Honestly, I am sorry that whatever I’ve said causes discomfort to anyone. But people who don’t like it simply shouldn’t read it. There. That’s easy.

And here’s a hint: The best thing you can do for a blogger is read her stuff and send it around to friends and family. That ups the hit count. So to everybody who’s got their panties in a twist, thank you. Keep on checking in!

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