Law of Attraction

Last night, just as I sheepishly popped a couple two-year old frozen Trader Joe’s burritos into the oven, my neighbor Mia called and invited me over for a beautiful salmon dinner.

My cousin Dan (I actually have TWO cousin Dans, but this is the crankier one) hates it when I talk about the Universe (and toxin cleansing), but I think the Universe (and Mia) really pulled through for me. And by eating the GOOD dinner, I completely avoided having to cleanse any toxins.

I love when things work out that way. Thanks, Universe! And Mia!

Vanessa McGradyLaw of Attraction

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  1. Mia

    Dude, that was like the most fun I’ve had at dinner in a really LONG time. Next time let’s experiment with the burritos and see if our ovens explode.

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