My New Boyfriend – Part 2

I went down to Orange County the other day, and met my new boyfriend. While I was working! Or maybe it was San Bernardino County. Or Riverside. I seriously can’t tell them apart. I just know you have to drive at least two CD’s worth on the 5 or the 10 to get there (no, I am the only person who drives a Prius without an iPod jack. Whut up with that?) Whatever, one of those places where property values have plummeted and everyone who bought real estate with an “easy” loan in 2005 is basically up shit creek.

But I digress. I went to this place called “The Discovery Center/Discovery Cube” which has a signature big cube on the highway and it’s a super cool science museum. Our energy efficiency guru had a TV interview that I managed. Which basically involves keeping him happy with cold Diet Cokes while we waited three or four hours for his TV spot. I guess you could say I’m his handler.

But I digress. So I was at the Discovery Cube and watching the reporter do this Flashdance thing in a chair with her crew pouring water all over her. Scary and Sad and Funny were all fighting in my head.

But I digress. So while I’m there, I met the man who is perfect for me. He’s very handy with tools, and I’m beginning my kitchen renovation. He doesn’t talk much, so that’s a huge plus. He’s got GIANT feet, like, size 19 or something (can’t wait ’til the third date!).

So, yeah, Bob and I. Me and Bob. Bobnessa. We’re trying to make it work, even though we’re from different worlds. I’m urban LA, and he’s suburban Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino County. Wish us luck!

Vanessa McGradyMy New Boyfriend – Part 2

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  1. Paul

    I would think the pre-coital “Can we fix it?!?” “YES WE CAN!!!!” dialogue would get to you after a while.

    Geez, why is this the first place I go? I blame Vegas.

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