Where’s the Beer?

Can you spot the beers in this picture? (Hint: probably not)

About three bazillion years ago, a fresh-faced, enthusiastic young writer called me and invited me to lunch. We went to a Red Robin/TGIF/Place They Make Waiters Wear “Flair” somewhere on the other side of the 520 bridge, in Microsoft land.

She wanted to find out everything she could about freelance writing. She wanted to meet people and editors and learn the ropes. I can’t remember exactly what I told her, but it sparked this how-to article.

I guess she’s learned them ropes pretty good, and tied ’em all up in pretty bows. This curious girl, who since became a friend and an accomplished travel and technology writer (and also moved to San Diego) has a huge story in today’s L.A. Times travel section about an alcohol ban on the beach. She’s also an amazing athlete (ok, if you want to be picky, triathlete) and has the prettiest teeth I’ve ever seen.

Yay, Ericka Chickowski! I’m glad to say I knew you then, and that I know you now.

Vanessa McGradyWhere’s the Beer?

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