I Made It

I re-cut my movie, “40licious!” and this, folks, is the God’s honest truth of what happened when I went to see Barry Manilow for my 40licious birthday in February. I invited about 75 people. Eight came. Perhaps not a great turnout, but I was shocked — it was, probably, not the kind of thing I’d go to myself — that these people loved me enough to get their heinies on a plane and check into the Las Vegas Hilton. There were even two from work who went with me, and of course I plan to repay their kindness and affection by blackmailing the hell out of them.

I don’t know why it’s fuzzy. Sorry about that. But anyway …

Vanessa McGradyI Made It

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  1. Paul

    Looks like you made it. Nicely done!

    Stacie (the tech recruiter from our tryout) was on today. She got past the first round, but her opponent was killing her on the buzzer.

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