I May Move In With My Mother

Contractor shows up only sporadically these days. Still no water in kitchen, washing the few dishes I use in the bathtub. Dust is everywhere. My dog is pooping dust, I fear. Maybe it’s good for her, I don’t know.

Today I came home to find:

  • kitchen cabinet doors on and painted the exact shade I wanted (good)
  • outlets in kitchen and office blown out and not working (bad)
  • workers thought enough to plug fridge into bedroom outlet with extension cord (good)
  • attempted to put food back in finished cupboard but new door doesn’t open right (bad)
  • frozen lasagne! (good)
  • outlet for microwave and oven is out, I forgot (bad)
  • Kite Runner arrived on Netflix (good)
  • Ate crackers and tapenade for dinner (bad)
  • My Race for the Cure pledges are up to more than $1,200! (AMAZING!)
  • Nat and SG and Connie call and force me to come out for late-night party in Los Feliz (I love my friends so much)

HOWEVER, the evening was redeemed when Angie turned me on to my new favorite time-waster, CAKE WRECKS, a blog about horrible professional cakes. This kind of blog, ladies and gents, is what makes our nation great.

Um, somebody has to cut into this, eventually. Hello? McFly?
Vanessa McGradyI May Move In With My Mother

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