This Can Happen To You!

So, as everyone by this time knows, I am participating in my first-ever “athon” event, the Orange County Race for the Cure to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That’s for breast cancer. Which is a terrible, terrible disease.

My good and wise and generous friend Paul answered my plea and donated some money, and then, just moments after, he found the SAME EXACT AMOUNT in cash on the street.


So, I encourage any of you who are just THINKING about donating and haven’t yet to go ahead, it’s easy and fun and, heck, you just may end up with a little instant karma.

The site is here.

I am so honored and humbled by this effort and how people have reached out. Within 24 hours, you all have donated $775 toward my $1,000 goal. I may have to up that now. Because you are, simply, shockingly big-hearted.

Vanessa McGradyThis Can Happen To You!

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