What Can I Trade Myself in For?

Today I went to my lovely and assuring acupuncturist, the Golden Monkey, who is treating my sciatica. He asked, “How are you?” Instead of keeping to the topic at hand, I blurted out everything I wanted him to change. I think there was a list of five in addition to making my leg normal again — including ridiculous things like “I want to be skinny,” “I want my kitchen to be finished” and “I want my hair to be long again.”

He suggested we just go with the leg for now.

And then he stuck all the needles in an I zoned out, like I do, all drooly and sleepy. I woke up to feel a man next to me. Like someone was floating hands over my body, as if he were doing reiki. And then I heard the door open and Matt come in.

After he pulled all the needles out, I asked him how long he’d been hanging out before he retrieved the needles. He said he hadn’t been. I told him I felt someone there, and asked if perhaps he’d heard tell of a ghost.

He was very nonchalant about the whole thing.

But I’m super sensitive, because the other day, Luis said that as he was working on the kitchen, he saw a man holding a book sitting in my chair. And then he disappeared.

I guess it’s time to call the psychic and see what all of this is about. If anything. Or maybe I just need a looooooooooooong vacation.

Vanessa McGradyWhat Can I Trade Myself in For?

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  1. Jeanne McGrady

    I SO believe in ghosts….I had one in my studio apartment in Capitol Hill (the place I lived before I moved in with Dan in Belltown). I’m being totally and completely serious. I always wanted to do research on my building because I just know I would have found out some information about a tennant that lived there (and angry white middleaged man). He liked to scare me while I was sleeping…I think for just something to do. I think he was just pissed off he dies and got stuck in my studio and was taking it out on me. A joy to move and not have to be around him (I lived there for 5 years).

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