Full and happy

This picture of me with singer Amos Lee was taken solely for the benefit of my former intern, Carlin, who is a huge fan of his. He was very nice and didn’t make me feel like a dork for asking.

I missed a couple days of dispatches from Pop!Tech, mostly because they had me so dang busy thinking up ways to save the world. And of course, there was my mad passionate affair with lobster. However, I no longer discuss my love life on this blog, so you’ll just have to use your imagination about the things I did to those poor unfortunate crustaceans.

I wish you could have come. I wish you were moved to tears with me when Ben Zander made a room full of 600 people sing “Happy Birthday” to one person, like it mattered. Like it was a ballad to a disappearing lover. Like it was the celebration it should ALWAYS be.

I wish you could have talked all night about energy and politics to Rufus Cappadocia, a revolutionary cello player who has deconstructed classical music into something so deeply moving and profound and funkalicious.

The economy as told by Juan Enriquez, illustrated.

I wish you could have watched Juan Enriquez so eloquently describe how the US got into the clusterf*ck it’s in and how we need to get out — if we can at all. I’ll have a manifesto for you to mail into your leaders soon.

I wish you could have breathed the snappy Maine air and slipped through the carpet of leaves on Camden’s sweet narrow sidewalks.

There will be video posted of all the presenters, we’re told, and I’ll point you to the ones you absolutely cannot miss.

In the meantime, I leave you with my new friend, Frank Warren, who spoke about his Post Secret project in which hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have sent in their secrets for him. He does it for the love of humanity. He has saved lives because of this project. Write to him sometime, it’s cheaper than the shrink.

Frank Warren wants to know your secrets. I didn’t tell him any,
mostly because I have so very few and don’t want to run out.
Vanessa McGradyFull and happy

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  1. Mia

    Frank Warren! *jealousy*

    I send in a secret every year on my birthday, as a sort of cleaning house tradition. You should try it! We all should try it! My tradition is three years strong…

    But seriously, mad jealousy. It sounds like Pop!Tech was a dream.

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