Pop!Tech – Day 2 – Love and Horror

This second day of Pop!Tech inspired by beyond any words I can piece together. I heard Imogen Heap, one of my faves, LIVE, 50 feet from me. She is beautiful and charming. But the overall mash up from the day, without looking at my notes, is this:

  • Passion and creativity do not come from your head. They come from your heart.
  • Create for one person. Make it good. Make it the best it can be.
  • Love is the square root of everything.
  • You can text 30644 with the word FISH to check to see if your sushi is from a sustainable fishery. More at http://blueocean.org/.

    On a more horrifying note, my mother’s home caught on fire. She’s OK, as is the dog. A faulty heater set the bathroom ablaze and wrecked the back half of her home, and the roof. Her clothes and carpeting are ruined. Here’s the amazing thing: For her birthday last Sunday, I sent her a Mexican bingo game and a Virgin Mary bracelet. The fire stopped at the bracelet and all her paintings — 100 or so — were spared from fire, smoke and water. She is also lucky enough to have a friend who is putting her up in his empty apartment, but she still needs a bed — if you live in the Port Townsend/Seattle area and have a bed she can borrow until we figure out what’s happening, please let me know.

  • PS — Tonight Malcolm Gladwell introduced me to his parents and gave me a piece of dark chocolate. I was all tongue-tied. And at dinner, by happenstance, I sat at the bar of Cappy’s, ordered my lobster and began talking to the woman next to me. Turns out she’s married to Richard “Empire Falls” Russo, who won a Pulitzer Prize. This is all surreal. The nexus of all my favorite things and people. I will probably meet God tomorrow.

    Vanessa McGradyPop!Tech – Day 2 – Love and Horror

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    1. Mia

      Sounds like you’re having a blast! Thanks for updating and letting us all live vicariously through you. 🙂

      PS – “The Tipping Point” definitely should be in everyone’s stocking this year.

    2. Carlin

      v, i’m so jealous… well 1st the blog, my new fave thing to read, so thanks for taking away the monotony of reading for class

      2nd- malcom gladwell, did i mention i was jealous- 😉
      3rd- imogen heap!! you must go see amos lee as well!!!

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