The Maine Event

Cousin Elizabeth’s daughter, Mary, can kick
anyone’s hiney when it comes to monkey bars.

Each October I haul my tukus all the way to Maine, where I go to recharge in nearly every way. First I spend time with family, get all gushy, and fantasize about moving here (where you can buy a huge house with water view for 300K, a Victorian manse for $600K). Then I hit Pop!Tech in Camden, which fills my head with radical and innovative ways to make the world a better place. (Feel free to drop in any time, the conference will be webcast!)

It is all a state of absorbtion. Absorbing the good, good fun I have with my cousins and their kids. Absorbing words from great minds and souls like Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson, Brian Eno, Imogene Heap, Tom Friedman (I bumped into him last year, got all weak-kneed and asked him to sign my book), the people who started KIVA … the list goes on. The world’s best thinkers and creators, telling us how they did it and what we can do.

And each October, I realize how I need to quit whining and realize how lucky I am that I can come here, that The Powers That Be at work are supportive and understand that if I don’t feed my creative brain I might die, that my family is hilarious and lovely and will take me in, no matter what tales of chaos I bring to the table.

Oh, and have I mentioned that my last 4 out of 5 meals have involved lobster? ($3.99 a pound! Bad for the lobstermen. Good for us, though.)

My handsome, charming and freaking hilarious cousin Seamus serves up a “lobby.”

Vanessa McGradyThe Maine Event

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  1. I Speak Film

    Dude, I knew you were going to Maine, but I didn’t know you’re in CAMDEN. I used to live in Rockport (did you know that?) and Camden is one of my favorite towns in the entire country. I’m jealous to the extreme. Seriously. Seriously. Jealous.

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