Woefully Unhip

My coworker Steve has quit his job. He wants to do more meaningful things in his life. Like go to Southeast Asia for three weeks on Monday.

My heart is heavy for two reasons: Because he was one of the two people from work who came to see Barry Manilow with me in Vegas for my 40licious birthday, and that cemented our friendship forever; and because he gets to move on, and not me.

Tonight Steve and I went to celebrate and calibrate at the Edison Bar downtown, which is beautiful and mysterious and at the end of the evening, a woman in an angel bikini sauntered out and got in a cage, which was rasied over our heads. She did splits and intense gyrations 20 feet above the ground. I hope they paid her well.

I have usually operated on the principle that I am the one who is likely to change. That I normally have a mouth full of news when someone asks what’s up. Tonight, it’s not me. Tonight, I’m the audience. Tonight, I’m staring down property tax bills. I’m glad that the dramatic spotlight falls on someone else’s beautiful face. Just for tonight.

Vanessa McGradyWoefully Unhip

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  1. Jeanne McGrady

    I have been thinking of this post since I read it a bit ago…. the thing is – I (respectfully) disagree. You have (and continue) to “move on”. Traveling to far away places doesn’t make it “meaningful”…it can, but it is not the only thing. Since you have been in my life, you are constantly doing meaningful things and life changing things. You did NOT get married (whew!), I’ll mention the Bodybody Project (I wore my t-shirt yesterday), hell you moved from Seattle, bought a place to live, started a new job that allows you to do other things, you turned 40licious for god’s sake =), and you write this really cool blog! I could go on and on, but you get my drift. You can’t travel all the time, my dear. You ‘ll travel again soon. Right now you’re in LA to keep my husband company this weekend. =) LOVE YOU!

  2. Anonymous

    Ness, I have to disagree as well. You’ve never stopped moving — spiritually, intellectually, and, at times, geographically. Just because you’re going to pursue your bliss right there in SoCal doesn’t mean you’re not moving forward.

  3. 40licious

    Wow, I seriously did not expect such a reaction. Not only am I glad you’re paying attention, I’m glad you have greater expectations for me than I have for myself. Thank you. Love you so much.

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