California is burning. I have been fortunate enough to have been spared an evacuation, but there is fire everywhere around. You can’t go outside without gulping smoke. You feel it in your eyes and throat.

And at this late hour, tonight, I hope that the people I know and love are OK as I scour the news, looking for clues. 
Come stay, everyone. We will all fit in this little place somehow, and figure out blankets and shower times and sweats to sleep in. And tomorrow morning we can squeeze orange juice and make coffee and just go from there.
Light is on all night.
Vanessa McGradyBurning

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  1. Knitting Architect

    Wow V.

    Looks like fire is in your life right now, between your mom’s house and your town. Yikes, sacrifice some virgins to the fire god quick!


    P.S. send your mom over here, I’ve got computers and high speed internet. Quite a change from 1995 eh?

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