Scarf of the Week

This one was for Mashi for her 40licious birthday. She’s amazing for so many reasons — AND SHE IS THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE 40LICIOUS HALL O’ FAME!

1. She grew up in Mexico City with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer.
2. Those sweet dreams brought her to Los Angeles, where she enrolled in a special high school and studied ballet.
3. She got herself a job at McDonald’s to get her through ballet training.
4. She got shot during a holdup at said McDonald’s.
5. She almost died, but didn’t.
6. She went to school on McDonald’s dime and learned how to be a PR agent.
7. She has eventually become one of the most sought-after agents in California, because she has such great command of the craft and ALL ethnic media, not just Spanish.
8. She has taught me more about my work than anyone ever has.

So Mashi, ¡te quiero y feliz cumpleaños!

Vanessa McGradyScarf of the Week

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