A Better Me

I’m not all crazy for resolutions because I’d like to think that I am constantly evolving, constantly trying to be a more loving and generous and smarter person, no matter what day of the year. There have been the times I’ve vowed to do something new and virtuous as the calendar flipped. Like in 2003, my resolution was to eat more fresh whipped cream. No problem! Goal achieved!

At 40licious, I am trying to have a lot more compassion for others — plus a little extra for myself. So this year, instead of doing a list of resolutions, I will get rid of old patterns that don’t serve me. So if that means just SHUTTING THE HELL UP when I really want to say something that might not ring right, that might hurt someone’s feelings, that might make me “win” for two seconds, well, then, I will consider it and SHUT THE HELL UP. There is power in stillness. I will be powerfully still in 2009.

And of course, I will continue to consume more fresh whipped cream.

And you?

Vanessa McGradyA Better Me

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