Blessing for 2009

May this new year bring you realizations that change your life for the better.
May you let go of old, unproductive and negative habits and move toward ones that make you feel alive, in charge, at one with the world.
May you never pay retail.
May you see the beauty in simplicity.
May you show love to the people around you, in little ways, each day.
May you slough off the small things that in the end, do not matter. My mother calls them “vexations of the spirit.”
May you find that lip gloss in that perfect, discontinued color, in a purse you rarely use.
May you act with love instead of vengeance, impatience or indifference, even when it’s harder to do so.
May you wake up every morning with joy in your heart, and fall into a heavy sleep each evening with peace in your soul.

Happy New Year, everyone.



Vanessa McGradyBlessing for 2009

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