Moving Forward

Here’s another thing about being 40licious: You have to get stuff done. You realize that nobody will do it for you. You have an idea. Say you want to, I don’t know, open a donut ‘n’ steak hut. You’ve likely spent the first half of your life saying to everyone, “Someday, someday, SOOOOON, I will open a donut ‘n’ steak hut.” And all your people know that’s what you want, and sometimes your mom sends you an article on somebody who did a crossiant ‘n’ pork hut in Hawaii, to prod you along. But you keep your day job, and you go along in your little life. Happy or not.

Well, guess what my sisters and brothers? Someday is now. And now. And now. And now.

That’s why I’ve dedicated one day each week to planting seeds for things I really want to be doing. Every Sunday, I eschew all social obligations and just work on stuff I want to get done. My show, or my book, or magazine articles, or just knitting (I am trying to move beyond scarves with great failure). It works. It helps. It makes those moments when I am NOT doing what I want more bearable.

And it’s nice to hope for something.

So go ahead. Make your menu. Learn a new sprinkle pattern. Just go.

Vanessa McGradyMoving Forward

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