40licious, the Sequel

My family isn’t normal by anybody’s standards. What with the kidnapping, the step-this and bonus that, it’s all a big hodgepodge of love and people and old photos and hankies that smell like dusty books.

I found it slightly hilarious that my mother doesn’t know exactly what day my birthday is, she knows it’s around this time. Or maybe she knows the date, but she doesn’t know when that falls, exactly. So either way, she hedged her bets and called me with an original birthday poem three or four days ago. And then she called my brother to remind him, so he went all “happy birthday” way too early. I think, in all, they called me five times to send their mazel tovs.

Today, as an extension of the joke, he sent me this song. I turned it into a movie. I hope you “enjoy” it as much as I did.

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Vanessa McGrady40licious, the Sequel

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