Escape from Hollywood

Tonight I went out with Natalie, the funny, smart and ethereal beauty I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends. I got to Citizen Smith in Hollywood before she and her BF did. A lot earlier. So it was basically me, clutching a glass of wine, propped up against a concrete pillar, people watching. To pass the time, I made up a game, “Who’s over 15?” There weren’t that many. The other game was, “Where Does She Keep Her Organs?” And of course the classic,”Who Forgot Her Pants?” (answer: all of them).

Nat and C finally showed up. Which was good, because I had already prepared a text for her announcing that I just wasn’t into it and sucking down the last of my wine. Happy to see her. Happy to see him.

Happy to be home now, eating a lasagne.

Vanessa McGradyEscape from Hollywood

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