It’s All Practice

I’m applying for another job where I work. It’s not that I don’t like what I’m currently doing — I’m actually quite enjoying it and just had a major splash with the announcement of the largest solar contract in the world.

But this other job is a little more lucrative and a little outside my scope. It’s new. I’ve never done it before. I spent a lot of time wondering how I will close the gap between “I know I can do it” and “I have the experience” since I learned I’m going to be interviewed.

The other day at yoga the instructor asked us to do something I’ve never done. It involved crow — balancing my knees on my elbows, chest parallel to the floor — then folding over with my head to the floor; then lifting my legs straight up so I’d be in a headstand.

Now I know how to do all of those three separately, so I didn’t panic too much. And lo, I put all the parts together and I did it just fine. I didn’t topple over. I’d actually been leading up to this pose for the past 10 years.

So that’s my selling point to the people who will hire me for this other job. I’m already doing all the parts, just watch me put it together in this cool new way.

Vanessa McGradyIt’s All Practice

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  1. Don Cummings

    I once read an article that your emotional life, which sort of sets in and matures in your late teens, is somehow very connected to the area of your brain where you process music. So people can’t help but feel INCREDIBLY connected to themselves when listening to music from that particular time.

    Now, forgetting Scientific whatever. I HEAR YOU TOTALLY!

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