40licious Hall o’ Fame: Michelle Obama

Not only does she get to regularly bed down nightly with the world’s collective crush.
Not only does she teach her kids about locally grown food.
Not only does she rock whatever she wears, even if it’s a big stupid plastic belt.
Not only did she leave corporate America to become a community organizer.

She also told Oprah this:
“I think in my 40s, I started feeling very comfortable in my own skin. Motherhood helps, marriage helps — those learning curves that force you to be better. And my hope is that my 50s will hone that. I never consider myself a finished product.”

Michelle, welcome to the 40licious Hall o’ Fame.

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Vanessa McGrady40licious Hall o’ Fame: Michelle Obama

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  1. Kathlyn

    Can I just say that I’m thrilled to be in any honorary circle with Michelle Obama, but would like to know why she gets this awesome photo courtesy of Oprah’s army of stylists and I have a photo of me pretending to be eating a spoonful of butter pats? Can you have a do-over on your Hall of Fame photo? Wait! I’m 40licious! I can have whatever I want. 🙂

  2. 40licious

    I’m glad you’re thrilled! You are in excellent company. As soon as I get a picture of Michelle Obama eating butter pats, I will replace the one I have of her with Oprah. Thanks for reading!

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