April Fooled

Haha my April Fool’s joke backfired on me. It wasn’t that hilarious to begin with, and I’ll spare you the details, but it involved some pushed-forward clocks, a man who likes to sleep in, anxiety nightmares about said clocks, and a day full of crankiness from no sleep.

Next year will be better. I should start planning now though.

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Vanessa McGradyApril Fooled

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  1. Charlie

    You know, I remember a similar April Fool’s that didn’t work in the distant past. The difference was trying to get someone up really early for school and trying to convince him that the dark sky outside wasn’t nighttime, but really bad weather. Someone….I’m not naming names….forgot to set my clock ahead though.

  2. 40licious

    YES! Brilliant and inspired by the very same, the first and only April Fool’s joke I, I mean, that person, whomever she or he was, ever carried out.

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