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So this low-carb thing? There really isn’t that much FUN low-carb food.

Almonds? Eh. I’m sure I’ve poisoned myself by now. I’ve eaten so much cheese the cows are on strike. And nobody would argue that cauliflower — even braised in butter and hot sauce, liberally peppered and salted — could be considered delightful in any way.

And that is why, on this sunny spring afternoon after several hours of IT challenges, I just broke my two-week winning streak with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt, and realized just how much FUN that is to eat.

After all, I’m not sure what happens when our heart stops beating. We might go to the big Sample Sale in the Sky. Or we might lie there and rot. So why not enjoy, at least a little?

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  1. Paul

    Believe it or not, roasting cauliflower and blending the stuff with some salt and butter is mighty damn tasty.

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