Friday Tired

There are all kinds of tired.

  • Just got back from great vacation tired.
  • Just got back from terrible vacation tired.
  • Worked out too long and too hard tired.
  • Hanging out with energy vampires tired.
  • Extra gravity from sugar low tired.
  • Professional, personal and civic injustice tired.
  • Thanksgiving tired.
  • And so on

But there is a certain specific kind of Friday tired. It comes after day piled upon day piled upon day. It is the 41st-hour exhale, the critical mass of an inbox, gone beyond any kind of cupcake or office frivolity remedy.

It is Friday tired. Tired in your eyes and your bones and your head and your hips.

So tired that I have no energy to write this post, and instead, I will sweep my week’s worth of clothes off my bed, which is bigger than a Cadillac, and drop off to a lovely nap.

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Vanessa McGradyFriday Tired

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  1. RealKJS

    There’s another kind of tired. The one that you feel after a gathering of friends and family.

    The din of banter and dishes has faded.

    Lights are still one and you are the only one home, but there are some well fed and entertained people out there.

    That’s a good tired.

  2. Kathlyn

    Then there’s hanging out with garden variety vampires tired. They stay up all night, so that’s pretty tiring.

    Hope you got some rest this weekend!

  3. Don Cummings

    And there’s, I simply can’t get out of bed in the morning tired…which is mine. I hate getting up. Because I don’t get tired at night, I stay up too late. Then—FWUMP.
    I have rarely had the rhythme of a full time job. I imagine that might be a good way to pace a life.

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