5 Easy Secrets of Success

I am learning the secrets of corporate success. Really, they are very simple.

1. make the phone call, or return the phone call.
2. show up.
3. add your input when requested, even if you haven’t thought about it too hard, because probably nobody else will and the the asker will be eternally grateful that his or her request hasn’t gone into the deep void.
4. a little charm, a lot of thank yous and a benign joke or two go a long way.
5. whatever that huge thing is you’re putting off probably won’t take as long as you think it will. And instead of creating something from scratch, chances are, someone’s been there before and you can just reuse stuff and shine it up a bit.

I’ve never been a corporate-type person, with all the freelancing and creative work that got me by. But these days I am especially grateful for this place I go every day, in a suddenly sexy industry, that deposits a sum into my bank account every two weeks. It’s all good.

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Vanessa McGrady5 Easy Secrets of Success

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  1. All Adither

    You’ve been around the corporate block, girly. So true.

    P.S. I know I should be working on your logo rather than lurking around your blog, so I’ll get on that.

  2. 40licious

    I know, it really is so lame. If you just give about 70 percent you get to keep your job, 80 percent and you’re a rock star.

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