Giving Cancer the Boot

If you recall about this time last year, I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in honor of my friend from work who died, Charlene McComas. Being how I am, I took this as a personal challenge and hit up everyone I know for a buck or two. My very, very generous friends — you know who you are — contributed a total of about $2,000.

So this year I hadn’t thought about it too much. I ignored the invitation for the “Honor Roll” party sponsored by a vodka company, and didn’t bother putting out feelers. I thought I’d let it slide. I thought I’d forget about it.

But dang it wouldn’t you know that in today’s mail arrived a Tyvek envelope from the Komen Foundation. Inside was a beautiful pink satin sash that reads in black letters, “Honor Roll 2008.” And a note saying that they’re sorry I missed the party but here you go.

And so.

So I’m thinking that I might just have to go at it again, in memory of all the people who have fought cancer, successfully and unsuccessfully, and in memory of my father, whose business it was to help them.

Anyone coming with me? It’s September 27 in Orange County.

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Vanessa McGradyGiving Cancer the Boot

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  1. Anonymous

    Leo, Daniel, and I will be with you in spirit, if not on foot, and you KNOW that you can count on our help to kick cancer’s a$$. 🙂 My dad and your dad will be smiling down on you as you strut.
    xoxo love you, ness!


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