Fat Lady got about two verses in …

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This is an ongoing meditation on the process of adopting a child. I’m mostly through the logistical and ID hoops and mountains of paperwork. Soon I’ll be in the “pool” of eligible adoptive parents.

The light was at the end of the tunnel. The light was brilliantly beckoning, jumping up and down and yelling, “you’re here! you’re here!” With the exception of one first aid class I take next week, I thought I was done with all my steps, ready to jump into the pool of parents, just waiting to get that phone call from the agency about a brilliant and drug-free 17-year-old who went into labor at Target, who wants to relinquish her baby to someone exactly like me.

But I realized wrong. Now the work really begins. I have to FIND the baby. That means a mass email looking for leads (if you’re a personal friend of mine, look for one coming soon!). It means a social media campaign, and some Craigslist postings. It might mean hiring a lawyer/facilitator to help recruit.

I’m working on a profile and new website that I’ll announce soon. In the meantime, email me if you know anyone.

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Vanessa McGradyFat Lady got about two verses in …

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  1. fortymama

    Haven’t looked at your blog in awhile and I wanted to see how the adoption process is going. I’ll keep my eyes & ears open. you never know where the opportunity may come from.

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