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Two posts ago, I was disheartened by how much work I am going to have to do to find my baby. Paying a lawyer or an adoption facilitator is one way to go — and then I can kiss that child’s college tuition goodbye.

After the initial crumpling up and bewilderment that often accompanies news of a long and uncertain road ahead, I decided to do the only thing I know how to do really, really well: communicate and ask for favors. So I put up my profile on www.vanessamcgrady.com/adoption. Then I sent the link around to Facebook friends and Tweeted it.

Not too much response.

Then today, too sick to go to work but too awake to stay in bed, I re-posted to Facebook, and asked all my friends to do the same. The Liquid Muse Tweeted it under her “Preggatinis” identity (she wrote a book on cocktails for pregnant people). And after pretty much ignoring years of Linked In, I sent a message to 50 of my contacts asking for help to get the word out.

And they did. Visitors came from nine states, and Belgium. As of 10 p.m. tonight, I have 70 hits on www.vanessamcgrady.com/adoption. Most people are probably just curious. Maybe some can pass it along to relevant people. But I know that at least one person paid attention. A high school classmate of my cousins’ wrote:

“Dan just posted a link about your adoption efforts and I checked it out. Unfortunately not for the reasons you are probably hoping for but because I’m an adopted child and I was raised solely by my mom. I just wanted to say I admire women who want to give a baby boy or girl all the love and nurturing that those little ones so much deserve and especially doing so on their own…too cool!! 🙂 I thank God everyday that my birth mother (I have no idea who she is..only that she was 15) was brave enough to go through all that she did so that I could live a life and I thank God for my adoptive mother who has never made me feel like I’m an adopted child~she’s absolutely the best mom I could ever ask for.

“Best of Luck to you and I sincerely hope to hear @ least through the “grapevine” of FB that you were successful. “

I hope I can answer her soon.

Any by the way, if you have any other good networking ideas, I hope you’ll pass them along to me.

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Vanessa McGradySocially Speaking

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  1. Anonymous

    God forbid you do it the right way, the same way adoptive parents have done for years. You think you can afford to take on the responsibility of a child but don’t want to pay a lawyer to do it legally? “there goes the childs college fund” don’t you realize you have 17+ years to rebuild that fund? Instead you would rather prey on confused, scared young mothers hoping they will find some stranger on the Internet a fit parent for their child. Give me a break! Do it the right way and maybe you will get a little bit further. You are supposed to be a grown woman, use some common sense.

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