Here’s the part about social media that I think we forget. The word “social” and all it implies.

For example, you wouldn’t really barge into a group of people you didn’t know and start talking about your needs. Who the f cares? People help people they know. I was aghast and ashamed at the backlash I got from the pregnant teenagers when I went to meet them in their cyberspace. But I was even more touched and moved by the people that have come out of the woodwork to help me. A guy I didn’t know that well in high school. My cousins. My yoga teacher.

My social worker sent me a note yesterday. She told me to not get my hopes up, but there is a pregnant young woman at UCLA who is open to placing her child with a single white female. Will know more next week. In the meantime, I am obsessively working on my “calling card,” a letter-sized flyer that serves a snapshot of my life and who I am for women deciding who they’d consider to parent their child.

No matter what happens with this one, I have to just remember to plant all my seeds, and not expect them to bloom where I drop them. They will tunnel under, swirl around rocks and weeds, push through oceans and come up in the craziest, most beautiful garden ever.

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Vanessa McGradyGlimmer

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  1. Anonymous

    good luck.
    i was lurking on the pregnant teen boards and saw your post. i understand their reactions, but it seems as though you’re not as terrible of a person as they make you out to be.
    keep at it. you’ll get your baby soon enough.

  2. Kylee

    Hello, I was one of the teenagers on that board when you posted. I did not comment, however. I understand your frustration and confusion. I did not comment on that post because I knew that you weren’t being condesending, and you really thought that perhaps this forum was some sort of link to a possible adoption. I am sorry some of my cyber friends were so horrid to you, but you have to understand where they are coming from. I am a teenage mother. I am 17 years old and my daughter is one. I was planning on giving my daughter up for adoption up intil three months. Please don’t be too offended. They were just protecting their rights as mothers. Hold your head up. You will get your baby.

    You should also try the Adoption group on BabyCenter. A lot of pregnant women go into that group looking to be matched with adoptive parents. Perhaps that is a better group for you to try. 🙂 Good luck my dear, and don’t take anything personally. Some of those girls can be visious. Good luck!

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