Is it still self promotion if someone else has done it?

I don’t do a lot of things right. I speak too soon. I fall in love too quickly, often with the wrong person — frequently many times over until I’ve learned my lesson about that one. I am not a patient painter, or sewer, or organizer. And I am not sure I choose flattering eyewear for myself.

But what I have done well in this lifetime, from the 40licious P.O.V., is populate my world with amazing people. Like this bright and beautiful young woman, Carlin, who was my intern a couple years ago. She finished her gig, and then she just kept hanging around even after she graduated. She’s an ace networker and quick learner and waaaaaay too complimentary about me in this piece she wrote about Gen Y.

And if you know anyone who needs a communications whiz, have him or her give Carlin a shout.

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Vanessa McGradyIs it still self promotion if someone else has done it?

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