Creative Tear

I am on a creative tear since the year began. I can’t make enough stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s words or jewelry or things to wear, I’m being all crazy creative.
Fabulous boyfriend gave me a sewing machine for Christmas.
At the class to learn how to use it I made a bag.
This is actually two necklaces
This went to Karen, whom I’ve known since before I was born.
and just now, my favorite thing so far, an apron from two old skirts for Mia.

Anybody need anything made?
Oh, also, there’s  a my new blog, too, called ThriftScore. Check it out! 
Vanessa McGradyCreative Tear

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  1. 40licious

    Thanks, Angie! I will make a special “Half-Assed Kitchen” one that you can wear and a complimentary one if you want to give it away as a reader thing.

  2. 6512 and growing

    Just posting to say: I wish for you a child soon. As a mother I can hear your longing. You need to be a mother too.
    Blessings and luck and godspeed!
    Rachel @ 6512 and growing

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