Who Art Thou?

Regular readers may realize I’ve slowed on the blog. I’m not sure what it should be. It’s heady and emotional, but I don’t get too personal. As I become older, I become quieter, a little more still, a little more private. For example, I probably won’t write a play ever again that revisits a (read: my) crazy family situation after the death of a powerful patriarch with questionable boundaries. I want this blog to be more 40licious, about the things that are happening to people 40 and over who are cool and fun and powerful.

I’ve been a professional writer for more than 20 years. Most schools say to write for your audience. (I know who some of you are and where some of you are from my handy Google Analytics that counts your visits and pinpoints you on a neat map.  And my #1 reader is from … Beaumont! ‘Zat you, Car?)

But others, the artists, say write from within and your audience will come. But the only way to truly do that without self-edit is to be anonymous, I think. Or to get it all down and publish when you’re nearly dead.

January 14 was officially “De Lurker Day” in the blogosphere. As with so many other things, I am coming to this late. So … who are you? What would you like to read here?

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Vanessa McGradyWho Art Thou?

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  1. marthalena

    I’m Martha, I live in West Hollywood, and I like to read about rollerskating, glitter, Ben Affleck, pasta, chocolate and delicious french pastries. Or, failing that, I like to read about all things Vanessa.

  2. Hi, I'm Tonya...

    From one Fortymama to a future one, I just like reading what you’ve been writing! Your lightbulb insights, chat room faux paus (sp?), and other adventures are always interesting & inspiring. And Ben Affleck…sure, why not?! But throw in some Hugh Jackman here & there.

  3. Don Cummings

    I particularly like stuff that is completely honest, that comes from within—as long as it has some sort of context to the audience—one assumes your audience is smart and sensitive, so you’ll have both things covered.

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