“A Hellish Toast to the Demons”

Every now and then I stumble on something or someone who is even crazier than the people in my family, and who goes beyond the borders of my wide-but-shallow imagination. Ladies and gentlemen, for your amusement only, I give you The Landover Baptist Church, which feels that the Pixar film “Up” is a nasty piece of work.

“Some churches, like Landover Baptist are pro-active about educating children about the dangers of seeing the movie, Up.  “We’ve spent millions of dollars to put together seminars for innocent little Christian children who have been psychologically damaged by not being allowed to see the movie, Up,” says Pastor Deacon Fred. “We could fill the Lake of Fire with tears from all the Baptist children who have pleaded with their unwavering parents to see this film!  Disney has dealt a new card from the Devil’s deck its time to force their hand!” he continued.  “I don’t want them to keep putting these images into my anointed head! Do you? This latest movie, Up has me thinking about wrinkled old man sex!  It’s just WRONG!  And all the while them Jewish producers and their fat cartoon artists sit and giggle – drinking a hellish toast to the demons who helped them create this nonsense.”

I am certainly not anti-Baptist, or, really, anti-any religion. But please. People. Get a grip. Also, how do they know they won’t like wrinkled old man sex until they’ve tried it?

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Vanessa McGrady“A Hellish Toast to the Demons”

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  1. Dan

    Yea, don’t see UP, just tell stories to kids about a guy that got nailed to a cross and left to die and then became a ghost.

  2. Kathlyn

    Wrinkled old man sex? He misses his wife, right? (clearly my parents haven’t let me see the movie) Seriously? That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard – and I thought no one was going to be able to top Prop 8! Shame on me for underestimating people!

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