Getting Closer

We’re done. We’re done with all the classes we need for adopting kids from the foster system. Today was a marathon — first session on transracial / transcultural adopotions, and the second with parents who adopted from the system. Without exception, none of them got what they thought they wanted. Those who wanted one got three kids. Those who wanted two got four. And the parents who wanted a sibling set got a single little girl with some medical fragility that they were able to take on. The woman with her head set on an infant got two tween girls. All of the parents we met have attached with their kids as family, and can’t imagine life any other way.

The good-hearted folks who work at our agency have intuitive superpowers. They are mystics who can see more clearly than a well-thought out plan. They are matchmakers. They are saving everyone’s lives. We have a mountain of paperwork to complete. And then figuring out some logistics. With each passing day we get closer to our kid.

It doesn’t feel like waiting. We have tasks. We relish our James Bond film festivals and little but important rituals together. When the time is right, Our Family will Be So.

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Vanessa McGradyGetting Closer

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  1. The Good Typist

    Wow, Vanessa! This is exciting news. I am very behind on your life…I wasn’t able to access your 40licious blog for the longest time;I finally got to it through Thrftscore. I’m really excited for you! I hope your adoption is everything you dream of and more.

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