Nesting Frenzy

Here’s what the equasion seems to be:

Informed about better-than-expected tax refund + news about great trip to Japan for 10 days + anticipating a child in the home + madly in love with boyfriend = INTENSE NESTING FRENZY

On my way to yoga tonight, I thought I’d buy Steve a sweater for Valentine’s Day to introduce the prospect of possibly, maybe, providing a companion garment to the one he wears. All. The. Time.

But of course I had to make a detour into Anthropologie, because I have been invited on a trip to Japan for 10 days to taste sake and miso, and it is cold there, and clearly none of my current wardrobe will do. This is a store that switches my brain into French Bohemian mode and gives me all kinds of lifestyle fantasies, such as serving mint juleps to my guests in pink-washed glasses from Czechoslovakia, or having books on obscure cultural subjects on my coffee table, or hanging embroidered dish towels on fanciful ceramic knobs in the kitchen, or paying $238 for a sweater.

But tonight I found the happiest shower curtain ever on sale. And a couple knobs. And then I went on the hunt for coordinating towels and floor mat. And another curtain for the shower window because for the past five years, anyone who happens to walk by can get a pretty good idea through the frosted glass if it’s a man or woman taking a shower. And a pot scrubber that looks like a flower. I don’t know why that was so appealing.

And I will paint my bathroom this weekend and make it a cozy and scrumptious nest, which will perhaps give all who use it lifestyle fantasies.

I never made it to yoga. And maybe Steve doesn’t even want a new sweater.

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Vanessa McGradyNesting Frenzy

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  1. Ivy

    Thanks for the input on my “dilemma”–I love your blog ; ) and we have considered adoption in the past, but hubby is against adopting over a year old, and the chances of adopting an infant (without doing a private one) are slim in LA County. So, I think we will continue to try for now…cheers to us both, here’s to us each having a new life in our homes by the end of the year!

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