40licious: Highly Recommended

I remember turning 40licious two years ago, and I thought I’d arrived. That I’d hit the spiritual jackpot. That I’d arrived in a room without any walls, a game in which I created the rules, and a plan with no roaming charges.

Then yesterday, my third installment of 40licious (chronolocially 42) bestowed even more heaps of blessings on me.

My three major accomplishments in the last 24 hours have been:

1. Getting bumped to Business Class on my 12-hour flight to Tokyo. They give you the golden key to the lounge, which includes a bank of computers, free food and sandwiches and tea and noodles, comfy benches for lounging/napping, a full bar, today’s papers and fre-flowing champagne. There are only a few other people in here, an older American couple and a 60-something Japanese woman. We have bonded. We will breathe the same air for half a day.

2. Bringing one carry-one and one tech bag for my 10-day trip. How to be practical AND fashionable while touring waygu beef farms? I will let you know. Keep checking back.

3. Getting engaged to the best man I ever met.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Vanessa McGrady40licious: Highly Recommended

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  1. I Speak Film

    HURRAY! CONGRATULATIONS! YAY!!! I zoomed in on the picture of your ring, and it’s spectacular. But that’s nothing to being engaged to the man you love. Have a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to hear all the details. XOXOXOXOX

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