Salty Is Sweet

Today is the first time I’ve felt equilibrium in what seems like weeks. First, a birthday and engagement. Then off for 10 days to Japan, courtesy of the Japanese External Trade Organization, which brought eight American writers to learn about Japanese food, beverages and culture. I was bowled over every day by how new and different everything was … in a culture thousands of years older than our own.

Things that I thought would be salty were sweet. Things that for sure were candy were fish. There was no taste or cultural reference for lots of food. And hello? Heated toilet seats.

The women were well put together and quite fashionable. Everyone was small and beautiful, with good skin and hair. I read “Memoirs of a Geisha” while I was there and decided I could be more demure, more charming, more concerned about presentation.

It’s good to be knocked on your ass every now and then.

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Vanessa McGradySalty Is Sweet

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