I’m a Winner!

I will say I have a teensy, weensy competitive streak in me. Maybe it’s from staying up late playing backgammon with my Dad on his cracked leather couch in his office, drinking cappuccino he brewed in one of the first home-espresso machines ever available (he loved being first in the gadget realm). So of course when my neighbor, a blogging cookbook author from the Marathi region in India, put up a quiz with the prize a signed copy of her book, I jumped at this. I had refused a free copy from her husband and daughter weeks ago with the intent to buy it — my tiny way of supporting creative friends. But the chance to win one? Sign me up!
I love how she made a tiny blessing in her post: “Vanessa has written about food and travel and I hope the new cookbook will inspire her to explore Marathi food. We are looking forward to many feasts with her & Steve in the future, and we also wish them a lifetime of happiness at their new Shared Table.”
Our world is expanding from right across the driveway.
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Vanessa McGradyI’m a Winner!

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