The 40licious Bride: Part V

I see a pattern here, and apologies to those of you who are completely uninterested in reading about our upcoming nuptials. There’s just so much I am noticing since I took so long to get here!

Today I shopped for the undergarments that will go with my dress. The dress is a strapless tiered number in a mermaid silhouette made of taffeta, and the worst wardrobe calamity I can imagine is akin to my 10th grade homecoming outfit that mostly involved my hiking up the top the whole time. I can’t tell you even who I went with. But that was about the last time I went strapless.

So I’m in Macy’s and paying for my bustier and some undies and the total came to $66.66. The clerk looked at me in horror. “Do you want to add something to change the price? You don’t want bad luck for your wedding,” she said.
“No thanks,” I said, “It’s four digits, not three, it should be fine.”
She paused a moment and punched some numbers into the register.
“I took $1 off. It’s $65.56 now. Have a beautiful wedding.”

Even people I don’t know are looking out for me, and that is exactly the magic of being engaged.

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Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part V

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